​​What We Do?


Hakada is a representative for South East Asia manufacturers and farmers. Leveraging strategic collaborations with industrial advisors and exclusive agreements, we facilitate seamless international procurement among continents that meet global benchmarks. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver competitive offers, high-quality on both products and services. 

Our Business

CaCO₃ Additive

75% - 85% CaCO3 + PE/ PP resin

Transparent BaSO₄ Additive

20%/ 35%/ 75% BaSO₄ + Carrier Resin

Ground Calcium Carbonate

Diverse grades from fine to ultrafine

Digital Procurement

We use a comprehensive ERP system to monitor every aspect of procurement process and provide a single platform to manage quoting, project management, shipment tracking and invoicing.


Our customer service team is always ready to provide you with quick and effective solutions to any issues or concerns that you may have.

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