Grounded Calcium Carbonate (GCC) plays a key role in the plastic industry with a wide range of applications. As a result, GCC is frequently utilized in the production of plastics to alter their physio-mechanical characteristics and hardness. With the aid of contemporary technology, GCC is blended with polyolefin at high temperatures to produce filler masterbatch, which has a variety of uses in the plastics sector.

Experience the Potential

The utilisation of plastic material containing inorganic mineral powder especially with GCC, has demonstrated potential in improving production costs and enhancing performance. Moreover, the incorporation of new features has proven to be significant in recent years, particularly in addressing the issue of white pollution and promoting environmental protection. This aligns with the current emphasis on implementing a circular economy, conserving resources, and fostering an environmentally friendly society. Consequently, the application of GCC in plastic materials has gained prominence.

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Expert in the Field

With two decades of experience in the plastics industry, our founder boasts a proven track record of production and global export to various regions, including the United States, Australia, Europe, and Asian countries. This extensive experience instills confidence in our material sources and procurement procedures, ensuring reliability and quality for our clients. Additionally, our dedicated team collaborates closely with clients, providing expert support to meet their specific standards and requirements effectively.

Industrial Applications

  •        Plastic Injection Molding
  •        Blow Molding
  •        Extrusion
  •        Thermoforming

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BasePick is an affordable option yet a formidable choice. It stands as the standard option for pigments, extenders or fillers in Paints& Coatings, Rubbers, Adhesives & Sealants, Plastics and other applications.   


Experience the economical synergy of high-quality, FineFusion is the ultimate solution for industrial applications, providing manufacturers with to elevate their products in the fields.



OptiLux is the impeccable ground calcium carbonate designed for upscale industrial demands. It emerges as a cornerstone, providing a robust solution that seamlessly aligns with precise technical requirements. 


FlexiForma is a tailor-to-order empowering clients to request precisely on demands. With FlexiForma, clarity and customisation converge, ensuring clients have a clear and concise grasp of the uniqueness. 

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Why Hakada?

  • ​Customised Solutions: We tailor a wide range of technical grades to precisely match your production needs.
  • Unbeatable Value: We offer competitive prices, unwavering commitment to quality, and strict adherence to regulations.
  • Industry Expertise: We leverage extensive global procurement and technical knowledge to provide top-notch services.
  • Customer is KING: We prioritise our clients by offering dedicated pre-sale and after-sale services for an optimised purchasing experience.
  • Sustainability at Heart: We commit to delivering eco-friendly solutions that reduce your environmental impact.
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